Huizhou Tongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. and Longyan Lanbo Technology Co., Ltd. were established in 2019 and 2020 respectively, specializing in the development, production, sales, technical consultation, and service of a series of products including dust-free room products, anti-static products, and purification room supplies. The factory has passed ISO9001 certification, and the products have passed SGS testing standards.

The company's products: ESD stick stick, dust-free cloth, stick pad, anti-static protection products, chip COB cleaning glue, hydrolytic coating glue, etc., which are widely used in optics, optoelectronics, optical communication, semiconductor, microelectronics, precision circuits, precision devices, aerospace, medicine and other industries.

The company has gathered a group of professional technical personnel, and the professional technical team has the ability to provide technical support, consultation, and solution design for the entire series of dust-free purification and anti-static products according to customer needs.

Application field
ESD adhesive stick

128 dust removal rods 408 dust removal rods 0.8mm dust removal rods 1.7mm

High temperature resistant hydrolytic adhesive
Serve as a temporary protective and shielding carrier in high-temperature process manufacturing
Clean cloth
Dust free cloth, dust free paper, dust free roll cloth

Chip cleaning adhesive

Special cleaning adhesive for chips (SENSOR)

Massive cases landing, extensive industry and scenario testing
Better understanding of industry needs and closer to user reality